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The factors affecting the freshness

After harvesting of fresh produce, because metabolism is generally a major factor causing the quality changes after harvest requirement for maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables is the temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, carbon dioxide concentration, an ethylene gas, vibration or shock, pathogenic microorganisms, light and a wide variety of factors.

Effects of ethylene

Ethylene is recognized as a plant hormone since not only have a different effect on the growth or development of plants with a fine amount produced by almost any plant. The most representative of the many effects of ethylene on plants would be to promote the aging of tissues. Therefore, when storing the fruit and vegetable that are required freshness, the ethylene must be absorbed or removed

1   JY-815 3 major benefits

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Rapidly adsorb and decompose the ethylene occurring in fruit vegetables / capacity removing ethylene (9.5ppm / g / h)
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Inhibit microbial and fungal growth by antimicrobial
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reserve-humidity effect through the
water control


2015.08.06 - 2015.08.30

After the mixed material such as TiO2, Sio2, Bactoster Alexin, ZnO, Apatite,
2.5cm*1.5cm*0.8cm size molding one block to prepare test sample

/ Temperature _ In summer indoor temperature at room temperature about 27~32 °
/ Samples _ The small samples of each fruit and vegetable similar forms prepared two materials and sealed
into a zippered bag 1 is maintained with the block diagram,
the control sample was also placed in a sealed plastic re-sealable bag only
/ Observation _ also visually observed a state of change of the sample once daily

Use after buying cucumbers, nectarines, oranges, bananas, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. in the mart

Product Material of other BioChemKorea Description
Cucumber wetty wipes manufacturer korea wetty wipes manufacturer korea 10 days in cucumbers experiments,the control is completely white rot fungus and begins to get water high
Banana & Tomato wetty wipes manufacturer korea wetty wipes manufacturer korea Banana Test 8 days, the control got
black outside completely and was
pooled the water, Tomatoes got dry
and corruption occurs in 40%
Broccoli wetty wipes manufacturer korea wetty wipes manufacturer korea Broccoli Test 3 days, it started to bloom mold in the control
Peach wetty wipes manufacturer korea wetty wipes manufacturer korea 5 days of nectarines test, the mold is blooming and corruption in the control
Tangerine wetty wipes manufacturer korea wetty wipes manufacturer korea The blooming white mold in the control of Tangerine test, 15 days


wetty wipes manufacturer korea Sensitive and very sensitive products are very important to maintain a leading ethylene treatment

Fruit/ veg. Ethylene composite
ratio (㎕/kg/hr)
Temp (℃) Ethylene response patterns
Watermelon 0.1 - 1.0 20 Very sensitive. softening
Peppers 0.1 - 0.2 20 stolidity. Coloring effects
Cucumbers 0.1-1.0 20 Very sensitive, softening sulfide, promotes corruption
Eggplant 0.1 - 0.7 20 Sensitive, negligence foot dropped, increased corruption
Zucchinit < 0.5 20 Immature - sulphide, Fruit sack eliminated
Tomatoes 4.3 - 4.9 20 Sensitive, and coloring promotion, softened
Melons 7.5 -10 20 Sensitive, postmaturity, fermentation phenomenon
leaf and
stem vegetable
Ethylene composite
ratio (㎕/kg/hr)
Temp (℃) Ethylene response patterns
Broccoli < 0.1 20 Highly sensitive (50% loss of the product value at 2 ppm)
Celery < 0.1 20 Insensitive sulfide
Lettuce < 0.1 20 Very sensitive to rust spots form
Spinach < 0.1 20 Very sensitive sulfide
Onions < 0.1 20 Promote germination, increase debt
Leeks < 0.1 20 Stolidity
Carrots < 0.1 20 Increasing bitterness
Potatoes < 0.1 20 Promote germination
leaf and
stem vegetable
Ethylene composite
ratio (㎕/kg/hr)
Temp (℃) Ethylene response patterns
Apples 2 - 4 20 Promote aging, hardness decreases, spot formation
Pears < 0.1 20 Promoting softening, skin discoloration
Apricots 4 - 6 20 Softening and coloring promotion, increased corruption
Bananas 0.3 - 10 20 Colored promote
Grapes < 0.1 20 Tallinn promotion
Kiwis 0.1-0.5(Immature) 20 Very sensitive (softening in 5-10ppb)
Peaches 0.1- 160 20 Promote maturation
Citrus < 0.1 20 Colored promote
Persimmon 0.1 - 0.5 20 Very sensitive. softening
Plum 0.1 - 200 20 Very sensitive, softening promote
Orange < 0.1 20 Colored promote
Jujube < 0.3 20 Colored promote